5 STRATEGIES to Bust Fear as a Barrier

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In this blog I am going to share with you 5 strategies to bust fear as a barrier.

Over the years in my work as a coach, a hypno healer and a mentor I have come across hundreds of people now who identify fear as their biggest barrier to truly feeling 'Free to fly' in life, love and relationships. 

Check out these 5 Strategies to Bust Fear as a Barrier

1. Seriously what is the worst that can happen? 

For this you will need a pen and a paper or something to write with. I want you to create an image of what would be the worst possible outcomes of your fears and write them down. 

This will lesson it's impact and by writing down your fears also makes your mind more analytical. It puts the possibility of the fear externally of your mind and you could possible now see how you have made your story up to fit some fantasy reality. 

Writing down your fears can give you incite into what causes anxious feelings.

Now we going to acknowledge the fear for what it truly is, imaginary anxiety. Ok, now give that imaginary anxiety a name.

You know a fun name, like ShellyBubooboo or Bustagroovebaby and then make then your friends. Simple yet effective strategy for now. all you have to do it DO IT! 

2. Changing your story, take control of your story.

As long as you keep telling your story, fear will reside within.

Stop telling the whole world and everyone you meet your story of your fear. Most of your circle have heard your story more times than they can count and that means you have heard it far too many times too. 

Now I am not saying to ignore or try and push to the back of your mind your fears, no. What I am saying is it is time to see your story of fear for what it is. 

 One easy strategy to control your story about your fear is to keep a journal. 
What this does is gives you a chance to track your story. Give your story a title and even start conversations between you and your fears.

Use your values, beliefs and vulnerabilities to guide you along the path of emotional, social and spiritual health. Use and trust your gut and your instinct as a guide. As you express your feelings, own them with an open heart. Put them out and into the journey and start seeing the story is not who you are. 

3. Make small and regular intentions.

I regularly encourage the people I work with to make small and regular intentions. Intentions can be short and sharp. When you don't consciously set your intention the automatic response intentions and based in fear will show up instead. This will continue to happen until we take control of our purpose and intention. 

Create an intention that is based on one of your values of how to be rather than an intention of completion of a task. There is a huge difference in the two. 

My intention is to be focused.
My intention is to be happy
My intention is to be playful
My intention is to be calm. 

Rather than 

My intention is to go for a run
My intention is to complete the project plan
My intention is to do the housework. 

Create your intentions within your immediate and natural environment, and through your own process of discovery, true purpose will follow.


4. Stop the crazy runaway imaginings 

The power of the mind and the imagine is well researched and defined. Just as 
using your imagination is crucial to creating your life; uncontrolled and runaway  imagination can be your greatest barrier to change.

Daydreaming plus your pain, strain and struggle in life is also powerful in keeping you locked in your current mentality of fear. 

Imagine now the difference between these two statements.

"If he/she doesn't love me anymore, what am I going to do?"

"If he/she loves me for eternity, what does that mean for me?"

Try it out now, bring to mind one fo your runaway regular negative thoughts, write it down and then re-write it? See for yourself how powerful this is into turning your mindset away from fears to positive outcomes and possibilities 


5. Breathe through your fears and meditate.

All of the literature that addresses controlling your fears and anxieties suggest a breathing and meditation practice. As your breath becomes deeper, you are more able to control fears and anxieties. Deep breathing reaches deep into the body's core and reduces stress and relaxes your mind. You will find yourself squarely in the present moment. Watch your breath and make it your go-to best friend. Fearful thoughts will recede and your balance and happiness will take center stage in your life.

Human pain is unnecessary. With a practice of conscious responsibility, you can overcome your fears by facing them with honesty and resilience every time they come your way. It's time to break the barriers of fear, let go of excuses, take off your suit of armor and live a fearless, balanced, and healthy life.

Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy.

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