NRG Rising is Me Too

In 2009 I was 41 years old and decided I wanted to play congas, percussion.

Well, just that one decision lead to us becoming NRG Rising. 

NRG Rising fun conscious world music with a R & B sound and feel developed from ta reggae foundation. Music that showcases soulful vocals & soothing harmonies. Indigenous to Aotearoa, proudly supporting all people of the world. 

Since then we have released two albums, have sung and performed on nearly all of the big stages around Aotearoa and boy its been a journey and a half. 

I will share more about NRG Rising soon but I wanted to show you my real life examples of how my life has radically changed because of the interwoven strategies and mind techniques that I am sharing with you in online programmes. 

NRG Rising would not have existed at all if I didn't do a belief change mind technique and delete the belief from my unconscious mind that played in my programming. It was this 

"I can't sing" 

I still had it even when the band started thats I guess now why I chose to want to play congas because of this underlying belief that I had tucked away in the undertow the power house mind. I will be releasing an online programme similar to the one I did that changed the course of my life forever and lead to me standing and singing here in Aotearoa and stages in Australia and the USA. 

Following are a few snippets of some of the incredible journey from that orginal belief change from I can't sing to being in an international band singing live to thousands of people. 

This song called Revelation Steppers is one example of a life I might not have had if I didn't choose to get rid of some of my own barriers in life because of blocks in my mind. 

Real life Real changes Real experiences 



This is another on of us in the USA in Vegas NOT Rotovegas, Aotearoa I mean Las Vegas USA like WOW! Who would have ever imagined that we could have done this.

Well we did, again after really taking control of my personal responsibility for my life. My own rangatiratanga. 

If you want to see what it is like to go on tour with your two daughters and get a look into BEHIND THE SCENES and the reality of all that a tour entails get our NRG RISING in the USA WebSeries. It is funny as F! Like seriously FUNNY

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