Comedy Series - NRG in USA Funny As F

Oh hell... in this punchy 7 Episode Series you will really see what actually happens! There are no words

Join us in all spaces in this un-rehearsed, un-scripted, un-apologetic comedy. We are on tour in the USA, and boy this is a uncut version of REAL situations, drama, fun, and stress! Comedy Series One 7 Episodes deep!

Check out the short vids and I know you will want to see more. 

We produced two incredible music videos on this tour as well as performing. It is one thing to see and hear the finished product but very rarely you will get this opportunity to see the DRAMA, Antics, Fun and Stress that goes with all the so called glamour of being an international band on tour.  

Filmed live in the USA Turtle Island. 

With love always you NRG girls, come join us