Strategic Leadership Cultural Capability Development

As a highly successful trainer and facilitator I provide a number of bespoke options in cultural leadership development, strategic co-design and training. 

I work with CEO's, senior leadership teams, organisational development teams to co-create or provide consultancy in the following

- design and development of strategic cultural frameworks that embed partnerships

- putting the partnership into practice with honour 

- incorporating Māori and tikanga Māori without fear of offending or being seen as being tokenistic

- cultural capability development and training

- creating a culturally safe and responsive working environment

- how to work in partnership with Māori and embed a cultural of inclusiveness

Cultural capability is a broad term that encompasses cultural awareness, cultural safety and cultural competence. Cultural capability is not something that is achieved after one training session or one training.

The most successful and transformational organisational development and cultural change within your organisation needs a consistent and strategic approach from the inside out. From the leadership and opportunities for the entire staff to be involved. 

LearningWorks, Hamilton 

I am currently working with LearningWorks to co-design a Cultural Leadership Framework from the inside-out. Here we are at our first one day wānanga. If you are looking for inclusive, empowering and safe facilitator that works with you and your people at your pace - email me for a conversation. 

I specialise in the development of a bespoke solution for just for your needs, that uplifts and celebrates everyone in your team as well as meeting outcomes that honour tangata whenua.