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Who is Ihi Free to Fly - Ihi is me

He uri ahau nā Ngāti Kahungunu ki te Wairoa
Ko Titirangi te maunga
Ko Tamaterangi te marae
Ko Te Waiau te awa
Ko Waitekauri te waka 

Ko Benita Tahuri ahau

I am a descendant of Ngāti Kahungunu ki te Wairoa and your Kaitiaki Guide , Coach and Teacher for my online programmes.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your next incredible chapter towards removing barriers and blocks in life, love or business that stop you from stepping into your best self and achieving your goals. 

This video is a snap shot on one of the many I have facilitated for people who are ready to clear the blocks deep within, the unconscious programming that automatically plays without even conscious thought. So, its your turn now to join me in this sacred special place and time to remove the fear of whatever it is and delete it forever as an issue in your life. 

Welcome to Cut Cleanse Clear the Fear with me you Kaitiaki

As I sit like an open book reflecting on a life that has been full of turbulent early chapters I start to recall the pain, strain and struggle of a girl, a woman destined for more but plagued from early trauma. 

What a  hell of a life journey and chapters it’s been -  talk about from DARKNESS to LIGHT to Free to Fly... check this lot out just the higlights!

If it has happened to someone it’s happened to me! 

  • Sexual abused from age of 7 - LOST Survivor
  • Pregnant at 15  miscarried - GRIEVING Survivor
  • Pregnant again and had by amazing first son at 16 - ECSTATIC Survivor
  • Left school with LOADS of potential (they kept saying that) - PROUD Survivor
  • Spent 8 or 9 years in and out of drunken motherhood states, self abuse and escaping strategies - had my second son. - EXCITED Survivor
  • Went to SURVIVORS for sexual abuse group 1987 - In DENIAL Survivor
  • 80 hours of counselling plus years of group help - COMMITTED Survivor
  • Another relationship -recurring fucked up patterns- PERSISTENT Survivor 
  • Had two beautiful daughters - PROUD Surivor
  • Got educated over a period of 7 years while in a controlling relationship- VISIONARY Survivor
  • Set up Business made heaps of money - Got in to $123,000 IRD DEBT - INNOVATOR Survivor
  • My fifth child my son was born - PERSISTENT Survivor

Finally BANG!!!!!! Hit the wall just one too many times and sometimes the FLOOR and even resorted to HIDING in the wardrobe!

But in perspective I have five incredible grown children and four grandchildren and now in a place of passion, love, light and compassion nurtured from my personal story. We will come back to that. What I will say is this.

The miriad of qualifications experience skill and expertise I have now absolutely grounds my practice. 

My Vision is to leave a legacy of innovation, health and imagination.

My Mission is to help 100,000 people take action to create unlimited natural energy that awakens the invisible forces within that will lead them to their full power.

How I am doing this? 

Utilising the talk of the ancient knowledge holders and the latest accelerated change technologies, I provide online and face to face and bespoke opportunities for change, and I am just getting started. 

So, that will come later for now I will take you on a visual journey of the woman I am now and snippets into a life that was destined to be as long as I had the courage to stop, heal and turn everything inwards to walk the journey to health wellness, love and inspiration. 


We will start here with Waka Huia this was filmed and went live to Māori TV earlier this year. It takes a look at my work as a Hypno Activist Healer and shares my story. 

Grab a cuppa if you want to know more about who I am and what I do join me for the next 27 minutes here. 

A Leader, strategist, educator, tender rebel, compliant activist.

I see the future, and I plan and act strategically to achieve results in that future—for my whānau, for me, and for any kaupapa, project, or role that I am a part of. 

When I look back on my life, that’s what I see.  I didn’t realise it at the time, but I was very strategically planning for a future that would keep my children safe and looked after.  Through challenges, relationships, study, developing my career, and all the ups and downs of raising a whānau, I keep that vision strong and it saw us through.  I wanted to and I have ensured that my children were looked after, strong, confident, knew themselves, passionate, had a place in the world, and had the skills to live that passion.

Well, blow me away, these same attributes, skills, qualifications and attitude has it has now surpassed any survival mode and thrown me into a life that I choose. I am at a place I can truly be Free to Fly and excited for all that is ahead for me  in life, in love and in business. 

To see this all in one place really makes me feel humbled and grateful to have not only survived but now thrive from a life of chaos to a life of innovation, health and inspiration. 

Just because I also share with you some of the achievements in my life and now bless me with the opportunity to share care and support others in their life journey to their best life. 

Some more of me...

  • Masters in Education
  • PG Dip Teaching Secondary
  • PG Dip Teaching Maori
  • Higher Cert Teaching English
  • National Cert in Adult Literacy and Numeracy
  • 2015 Gallup Strengths Finder Coach – International
  • Certification Top 5, Partnerships, Team and Full 34
  • 2015 Leadership Architect & Team Architect Korn Ferry
  • Lominger Certified – Organisation Development Certification
  • Extended DISC Profile - Personality profiling tool
  • Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Master Practitioner Neurological Repatterning
  • Master Practitioner Hypnosis
  • Master Results Coach

And the cool bits about who I AM are'nt here yet.  Holy hika I know right??? Who me… yes me, couldn't be lols.... so my gorgeous soul sister and soul brother;

Stay connected to find out more about how I can provide real solutions for you in life, love and business

For Your Success

Sister B aka Benita Tahuri