Client Testimonies - How You Know This Will Work For You Too!

The Power of Sharing

He kokona whare e kitea
He kokona ngākau e kore e kitea

The corners of a house can be clearly seen
But the corners of the heart, emotional remain unseen 

The strategies, and wānanga style delivery I use to provide powerful change sessions for people is made up a number of tools, knowledge, experience and intuitive practice that I have developed over the past 15 years and now have in my healing kete. Your success is my focus and intention and I am passionate about what I do and how I do it. Just to share a few testimonies with you here as I believe there is nothing more powerful that hearing from others who have been on one of my programmes. 

Hear for yourself from past clients as they briefly share how my workshop helped them. This is Kuini Martin who wasn't really expecting to be impacted so powerfully when she attended the Cut Cleanse Clear Seminar in Hamilton. 

You don't have to even know what it is that is the block or barrier my role as Kaitiaki or your Guide is to bring it to your awareness so that it can be released forever as an issue in your life. 


In my sessions I use talk of the ancients and power utilizing the talk of the ancient knowledge holders and the latest accelerated change technologies for example hypnosis. Gail shares her testimony about the power of hypnotherapy for her at my seminar. 

This also from Kat from our Nelson Seminar.

Kats powerful testimony shares her before when she was struggling with self worth and judgement from others to her after video... CHECK IT OUT 


For Your Success