7 INSTANT BENEFITS Clear Your Mind of Limitations


Kia ora and welcome 

What does being free of limitations look like to you?

For me one of the things it did was to set a band called NRG Rising with my two daughters, stand on hundreds of stages here in Aotearoa, Australia and the USA and sing! 

It is incredible the benefits, here are a quick 7 you can absolutely guarantee. 

 7 things you can expect to happen when you stop limiting yourself with the baggage, limits, and blocks of the past

1. You will get more shit done 

Absolutely, without all the baggage you have held onto for so long, once you have freed yourself from trauma, barriers and blocks you will just do more and take more action on your goals in life. Guaranteed once they are gone you will have more natural energy and be inspired to take action as if without even thinking hard about it or forcing yourself. 

Most people have too many doubts and insecurities, fear of failure and distractions get in the way too. But once you have peace of mind and confidence, you’ll act upon your goals and turn ideas into reality.

2. Your goals will grow 

People who always think they can’t succeed are scared to dream big. They don’t dare to set big goals and share them with others. And that’s why they come to a place and get stuck.  When you let go off your limitations  you’ll know you can reach anything you dream about. 

 Now is the time to start to really be honest with yourself about what you want in life.  Write down what kind of person has these things, seek them out and have a look at the attributes and attitude they have in life. Find someone you admire and study them. Then start to imagine the life you will be living when you have those same attributes and attitude but in your style and flow. 

3.  You’ll just get better and better

As if without trying you will just get even more skilled and you will focus more on improving your strengths. That is how you will grow. Focusing on what you are great at. You’ll gain knowledge and experience in new areas, and will want to master more skills as you continue. You are the expert of your life by removing internal barriers in your mind you will step into your own greatness. 

4. You will overcome shyness 

Anxiety and stress can be a result of the lack of self-esteem. Well you can kiss that goodbye because once you stop limiting yourself, there won’t be anything to stop you from communicating with people freely and confidently.

You might as well start now because it is just a matter of time. A great way to start is by just talking to one more person a day, in a lift, when your out shopping, notice something you like about their hair, their shoes, anything and compliment them. It may feel uncomfortable to start with but once you do that, you’ll see it’s nothing impossible. Even if it’s awkward the first few times, you’ll soon feel better around new people and will think of stuff to talk about more easily.

5. You will live better now

Sometimes we are so busy focused in the worries or pains of the past we miss the goodness of the now. By getting rid of the baggage you will find it easier and most pleasing to accept and acknowledge the now, the present moment. This will help you in your relationships, communication with others whether at work or personally. So much to gain.

We constantly go back to what was before, compare it to what is now and have regrets. We also fear the future, try to predict what might happen or imagine the worst case scenario.

But life happens here in the present moment. And once you realize that, you’ll be able to be more present in the now and really start to live! 

6. You’ll see the love around you 

Living in the present has another huge benefit – you truly experience every day, find happiness and contentment, and appreciate the things you have much more. This is especially true for the people around you who love support and care about you. The love is there you just need to be clear to see and experience it. 

7. Ideas come naturally and easily 

Once you’re confident and free from limitations and mental barriers, you’ll also get your creative juices flowing. You’ll start coming up with new ideas, will handle daily problems more easily, and will start working on new projects all the time. 

Wait a big bonus one here ...

8. It deals to depression

Depression is often a result of the stress and unhappiness we bring to ourselves by not following our path in life, not doing things we enjoy, not being social or expecting the best to happen. When you stop limiting yourself you’ll always be doing something –  excited about the future and enjoying the now.


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