Cut Cleanse Clear The Fear - Online Course


11 Modules Online Programme

If you want to

1. Feel free of the internal fear that holds you back, for real

2. Clear your mind from that subtle yet powerful block that fear has in your life, quietly in the undertow or the unconscious of your mind

3. Release the power grip of the fear that has been holding you back for far too long

4. Feel excited and relieved that now finally you can achieve that goal that has been sitting stagnant

5. Cut the energetic ties of the fear that sit as dis-ease in your physical body If you said YES to any of the above this Online Programme Clear the fear programme is for you.

You cannot fix a problem from the same mindset that the problem was created. This powerful series of videos with a cutting clearing at the end will ease your mind, and clear the nagging self sabotaging chatter.

You have come a long way in life, successful in so many areas of life, committed to the needs and the success of your children, relationships and community. There is something left though that you haven’t quite got to in life, even if you can’t name it yet you know you have more in you.  Every now and then it pops into mind and you are reminded of it, and every time it leaves you with that inner sense of unease, frustration or repeating the same reason why you haven’t gone there yet. 


This programme will give you an inner feeling of freedom to finally do it. You know what I mean aye,  imagine the sensation of finally getting started on your life dream, or maybe taking time to finally learn Māori, or start that business you have been dreaming about, sell your house, or buy a new one, or using some of that hard earned money you make on your favorite thing without anything but excitement to go do it.


Remember that last time you did something just for you? You were so excited you couldn’t wait to share, it was big news because you like me we don’t often think of our own needs first, in fact we are last on the list.

That’s just how it’s been, and that’s ok. This programme has the potential to literally be the catalyst for you to completely transform your life, and at the very least it will leave you feeling calmly excited and inspired to take action on your next goal.

The last 11 years of my life have been a crazy ride that changed from a dream to reality because of a programme similar to this one. I started a band at 41 years old with my daughters, released two albums, travelled the world and so much more. That is crazy but I did it and this programme cleared the fear within me that I didn’t even really know I was holding on to. 


This 11 digital online video series programme uses embedded transformative language patters, NLP and hypnosis strategies to release fear locked deep in the unconscious mind.

It will calm the useless unhelpful chatter, easing your mind and healing you from the fear from the past, that has been hidden in the unseen spaces in the mind linked to a past trauma experience. 

You will be guided by me personally through each chapter and we finish  the programme with a powerful process to release the emotional barrier of fear. 

See what one General Manager has said about this course  

'Wow, I have absolutely put myself out there and I know it's because I did this last week, I have done a massive tidy up and now I have radio interview as well about our services. I didn't expect all this to just be happening, it's good and I am just going with it"  Operations Manager for large Health Services Provider 



How do I know it will work for me?
It will work for you if you can do the following three things

  1. Focus
  2. Engage 100%
  3. Complete the course in full

What guarantees do I have if I am not happy with the programme?

I personally guarantee this programme and if you complete it and are not completely satisfied with your results you can get your full purchase price back within a 30 day period of purchase. 

Do I have to do other courses or can I just complete this one on its own?

This is a stand alone and can be re-used as you need depending on your new goals as they come to you. This is because you will from here on do things you have never done before with little perceived effort. You will also raise your expectations and shoot for far more in life.