Ihi Ora - Talent Tapping Reset Session

Passionate about supporting you to make Mana Moves In Life I provide one on one high value Kaitiaki sessions.

I focus all my attention on tapping in to help reveal for you, bring out from inside what is the next one step you can take to get you closer to where you want to be. If you are looking for a  power packed session with focused attention on you and what you want. I am here for you. A fast paced high frequency hour. I got you

This one hour Zoom session is for you. 

If you are 

- stuck on making that decision

- confused about what next

- need clarification or mind relief

- sitting on the fence

- cannot see the next step for you 

- or just need a private and confidential discussion to seek advice 

- need to whakawātea to cleaR

Book your session now and I will make personal contact to confirm a time that works for us both.

Sista B
Supporting women to make mana moves in life

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