Ihi Ora - Let Your Moko Kauae Show From The Inside Out Online Programme

Let Your Moko Kauae Show From The Inside Out 

This 4 Week Exclusive Moko Kauae Mentoring Programme includes:

- Weekly Wānanga via Zoom to seek clarity, guidance, advice around all things Moko Kauae. These are powerful group sessions with other Wāhine Māori on the programme

- Exclusive Private Facebook Group
Only Available to Wāhine who enrol on the programme and available ongoing to share with others on their journey

- Complete Digital Programme Guide & Worksheets  Available for  Download

 Programme Overview

Week 1

Introductions Whakawhanaungatanga, Moko Kauae Your Kaupapa, Programme Overview and Setup

Taha Hinengaro Mindset & Mental Readiness

With a focus on mindset you will have the opportunity to cut and clear any barriers that hold you back from your Moko Kauae. This session is a significant step in the preparation for Moko Kauae. This programme is carefully designed to supporting you to take action on each task between weeks to create your internal mauri ora in preparation to wear Moko Kauae

Week 2

Taha Tinana Physical Readiness 

We focus in on the physical a tinana aspects of Moko Kauae. Your body which is your whare (house) that physically holds it all together. This week you get guided to make the plan about the physical set up and aspects to getting your Moko Kauae done. 

Things like the location - where exactly do you want to get your Moko Kauae done? What needs to be prepared, what about timeframes? Does Covid restrictions place any barriers to the choices you make. Is this an excuse? We get to unpack it all and make some informed, empowered 


Week 3

Taha Whānau Family & Friends 

This week we look to the people in our lives who we want to be with us when we get our Moko Kauae. We wananga and make decisions about how we will invite people, who we want and maybe don't want there. What are the implications of these decisions that you need to be aware of. such an exciting week to set the scene. 

Week 4

Taha Wairua Spirituality 

In our final week week we discuss and decide on aspects about the environment when you get your moko kauae. For example so you want singing? Karakia? Who will you invite to carry out these tikanga you set? Are their certain religious protocols that you want to make sure do not get imposed on the day by a well meaning relations? What do you need to put in place to ensure it goes as you planned within  

Moko Manifest Through Karanga Kauae 

In this I will guide you through a Pōhiri Moko Kauae - visioning process to open the portals and whakatau your physical manifestation of your Moko Kauae. 


In this programme you will work with cutting-edge tools for accelerated human change underpinned with Mātauranga Māori Practice – to pin point and eliminate whatever it is preventing you from your Moko Kauae both conscious and unconscious, so that your Moko Kauae comes to your without effort or mind struggle and doubt.

You will experience the following that are embedded into the programme throughout the four weeks

  • Crushing Limiting Beliefs, permanently deleting the limiting belief or beliefs that are holding you back from your Moko Kauae using my He Kitenga process for turning visions into reality.
    (450 Value)
  • Trauma Emotion Eliminator, Whakawātea pāmaemae for releasing trapped and stuck negative emotions that block you (450 Value) 
  • Cutting the Energetic Ties - Murunga Hara Forgiveness Process to cut energetic old relationship ties (or resetting energy ties) and connections to stop that repeated patterns of self harm and sabotage (600 Value) 

  • Rapid Reading – Using Te Karapūtoro intuitive channeling guidence (done in individual sessions (400 Value)

  • He Kaitiakitanga Session – Your Personal Kaitiakitanga Session to get your plan for your Moko Kauae underway (300 Value)
  • Unlimited Access to Private Facebook Group with other wāhine on their Moko Kauae journey

Value in bounds $2,200 for NOW $347 

Register for this powerful 4 Week Programme,  3 hour wānanga sessions – Individual Kaitiakitanga Sessions Booked After Week 1 of Programme Starting

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