Book - Moko Kauae Gifted Treasures of the Past for the Future


'It's back to normal. Now the taonga is alive again in our family' Harete Whariki Tahuri-Whakatope. Harete was 18 years old when she received her moko kauae. 

This is a beautiful personal book project for Author Benita Tahuri, fashioned out of a desire to spread awareness and education about Moko Kauae. The incredibly talented Director of Photography Joss Wheeler captures stunning portrait moments with these sixteen women. 

Up front you are taken on a journey in time with a look into the whakapapa and genesis of Moko Kauae.  Following this you get a look into Benita and her family's journey into receiving Moko Kauae as one of the country's first three generations wearers of Moko Kauae. Starting with Benita, then her sister, her two daughters and then her mother all now wearing Moko Kauae. 

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Size: 30cms length, 24cms width softcover 

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